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Professional Advance Beautician Course. 40% Discount only at 15000/

Course Includes Hair,Beauty,Bridal Makeup, Hair Style and Saree Drapping
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Branch - Thane And Dombivili  

This is a Parloure Opening Course

Government Beauty Parlour Course in Mumbai
Course Name-Professional Advance In Beautician Course
Market Value of the course Above 40000/ But Only in Shagun Beauty Academy Fees is only 15000/
U can also be a professional Makeup Artist

Beauty Course Contents

Hair Course Contents

Bridal Makeup Course Contents

Hairstyles Course Contents

Saree Drapping Course

A. Beauty Course Contents

1.Different types of Skin knowledge

2.Skin Analysis

3.All Types of Basic and Advance Machine Use In Beauty Parlour

4.Full Basic And Advance Product knowledge with Costing

5.Different Types of Machinery Facial

6.Different Types Of Facial Knowledge After Skin Analysis

7.Basic Facials

8.Advance Facials

9.Skin Tightining Facial/ Tan Facial/ Bridal Facial/Party Glow Facial/Skin Polishing Facial/Gold Facial/Diamond Facial

10.Advance Facial using Machine

11.Thermo Facial

12.Hi Frequency Machine Facial

13.Galvanic Machine Facial

14.Ultrasonic Machine Facial

15.Ozone Machine Facial


17.Advance Clean up


19.Different Types of Bleach

20.Face Bleach

21.Hand Bleach

22.Leg Bleach

23.D tan


25.Chin Threading

26.Upperlip threading

27.Forehead Threading

28.Eyebrows Shaping

29.Face Threading

30.Face Waxing


32.Regular Wax

33.Chocolate Wax

34.Brazzilian Wax

35.Rica Wax

36.Brazzilian Wax

37.Soluble Wax

38.Liposoluble Wax

39.Soluble Wax

40.Paraffin Wax

41. Bean Wax

42.Cottage waxing



45.Advance Pedicure

46.Advance Manicure

47.French Manicure

48.French Pedicure


49.Body Bleach

50.Body Wax

51.Body Polishing

52.Body Massage

53.Machinery Body Polishing

54.Machinery Body Massage


55.Body Spa

56.Hair Spa(3 Types)

57.Spa Manicure

58.Spa Pedicure

59.How TO Create Packages For Clients

60.Brushing Unit

61.Hand Polishing

62.Leg Polishing

63.Relaxing Facial

B. Hair Course Contents

1.Hair Compostion

2.All Hair Tolls Knowledge

3.Care Of Chemically Traeated Hair

4.Permanent Hair Smoothning

5.Peramanent Hair Smoothning


7.Head Massage

8.Advance Hair Oil Treatment

9.Hair Colour


11.Fashion Hair Colour

12.Global Hair Colour

13.Ombre Hair Colour

14.Crazy Hair colour

15.Root Touch Up/ Grey Hair Coverage


17.Colour Mixing

18.Colour Wheel Theory to understand the Hair Colour or Removal of The Hair Colour

19.All Types of Tools and Machinery Knowledge For Hair

20.Colour Wash Technique

21.Temporary Ining

22. Temporary Curls ( 5 TYPES)


24.Weavy Curls

25.Blow Dry

26.Blow Dry Incurls

27.Blow Dry Outcurls

28.Hair Fall Treatments with Hi Frequency Machine

29.Dandruff Treatment With Hi Frequency Machine

30.Heena Application

31.Hair Keratin Theory

32.Hair Cuts

33.Short Basic And Advance Hair Cuts

34.Long Basic And Advance Hair Cuts

35.Straight Cut

36.U cut

37.V Cut

38.Deep U Cut

39.Step Cut

40.Feather Cut

41. Diamond Hair Cut

42.Full Step Cut

43.Step With Layer Cut

44.Round Layer Cut

45.Blunt Cut

46.Mushroom Cut

47.Advance Layer Cut

48.Flix Cut

49.Frenges Hair Cut

50. Bangs Hair Cut

51.Chopping Tecgnique

52.Slicing Technique

53.Volume Hair Cut

54.Hair Cuts Degrees Knowledge

55.Hair Mask Application

C. Bridal Makeup Course Contents

1.Basic And Advance Makeup Products Knowledge

2.How to Make Your Vanity in Your Budget

3.Knowlede of Brushes And Eyemakeup Brushes

4.Skin Knowledge

5.Makeup For Problematic Skin

6.How To Use Foundation For Different Kinds of Skin And Texture

7.Conciler Knowledge

8.Different Types Of Colour Correctors

9.Skin Preparation For Makeup

10.How To Blend Liquid Foundation And Cream Foundation

11.Knowledge Of Primers

12.Contoring Knowledge

13. Blush Knowledge

14. Highlight Technique

15.Makeup Fixure

16.Glow Makeup

17.Different Types Of Eyemakeup

18.Single Eyeshadow

19.Double Eyeshadow

20.Triple Eyeshadow

21.Cut Crease

22.Half Cut Crease

23.Full Cut Crease

24.Halo Eyemakeup

25.How T0 Apply Mascara

26. How to Apply Kajal

27.How To Apply Mascara

28.Liner Application

29.Eyebrows Filling and Shaping

30.How To Apply False Eyelashes

31.Lipstic Application

32.Different Types Of Bridal Look

33.Maharastrian Bridal Look

34.Gujrati Bridal Look

35.Nort Indian Bridal Look

36.South Indian Bridal Look

37.Hali Look

38.Mehandi Look

39.Muslim Bridal Makeup

40.Catholic Bridal Makeup

41.Party Makeup


42.HD Makeup

43.3D Makeup

44.Waterproof Makeup

45.Air Brush Makeup Demo

46.Brazzilian Technique

47.With International Hairstyle

D. Hairstyles Course Contents

30 Basic And Advance Hairstyle

1.Bridal Hairstyles

2.Front Variations

3.Puff Variation

4.How To Use EXtension

5.High Bun

6.Maharastrian Bridal Hairstyle

7.Different Types Of Low Bun

8.Messy Bun

9.Advance Messy Bun

10.Open Hairstyle

11.Braids Hairstyle

12.Hairstyle According To Occasion

13.All Hairstyles With Decoration

14.Western Look Hairstyle

E. Saree Drapping Course

15 Types Of Saree Drapping Course



Advantage Beauty Parlour Course

1.Valid Certificate by The Govt. for Beauty Parlour Course

2.Job Placement Assistance after doing the Parlour Course

3.All Products given by the Academy in Beautician Course

4.Installment Facility for Government Beauty Parlour Course

5.How to Strat Your Parlour You Will Learn In our Beauty parlour training center

6.How to work as Freelancer in Beautician Course near me

7.100% practical class in Beautician Course

8.Full product Knowledge Beauty parlour Course


Beautician and Bridal Makeup course in Thane

Beautician Course in Thane

Now a days we have opportunity to make our carrier. Beautician Course is also a part to good earning for housewife, ladies, students and working women. This industry is enlarging as a great requirement of beautician, Makeup artist, Hairdresser and spa specialist.

              Now we are here to give you a chance to be a part of Beautician course students in a very reasonable fees and earn as Professional Beautician. We are Offering you Beautician Course, Makeup artist Course, Bridal Makeup Course, Bridal Hairstylist Course.

 Beautician Course with Full Basic and Advance Beautician Course, And Advance Knowledge of Skin Hair Beauty Makeup and Saree draping.

After Learning the Beautician Course many Students Open their parlour and many are now professional Beautician in the reputed Parlour and saloon. In this Beautician course You will be a perfect Beautician Because of practical classes which gives you confidence. Beauty Parlour Course includes waxing, bleach, different types of facial, eyebrows shaping, machinery facial, Bleach, D tan, body polishing, body spa, body massage, etc. The Beautician Course cover haircuts, smoothing, hair colour, highlight, blow dry, ironing, curls, crimping degree knowledge in haircuts, keratin knowledge, Head massage, Hair spa etc.

Beautician Course also covers Bridal Makeup course where you know skin knowledge, Foundation according to skin tone, different types of eyeshadows. You will be a Makeup artist which enhance your beauty knowledge to run your beauty parlour.

 We also provide you best beauty parlour course to be a bridal makeup artist. We include 30 Hairstyles with bridal hairstyle.

 The well-known Shagun Beauty Academy also includes saree draping course.

Carrier in Beautician Course

There is lots of job opportunity in beautician course. You can do job in professional parlour and Bea

These ate the Carrier opportunities which gives you after learning in Government authorized Beautician course in thane and Government authorized beautician course in Dombivli.

After learning Beauty parlour course from Shagun Beauty Academy, you can be

1.Makeup artist Beautician Course near me

2.Hairstylist in government Beautician course near me

3.Beautician in our Beauty parlour training center

4.Hairdresser in Beautician Course

5.Beauty product seller in Beautician Course Near me

6.Beauty product seller in Beauty Parlour Course in Me

7.Hair product seller in Beauty parlour course

Best beautician course in thane and dombivili


Now a days we have opportunity to make our carrier. Now Beautician Course is also a part of good income for house wife, ladies, students and working women. This beauty parlour course industry. This is enlarging as a great requirement of beautician, makeup artist, hairdresser and spa specialist.

     Now we are here to give you chance to be a part of Beautician course students to learn in a very reasonable fees and earn as Professional Beautician course in Dombivli., bridal Makeup course, bridal hairstyle course.

  Beautician Course with hair beauty skin makeup Knowledge. After learning the Beautician course in Shagun beauty academy many students open their parlour and many are now professional beautician in the reputed parlour and saloon,

  In this beautician course you will be a perfect beautician because of 100% practical class which gives you a confidence. Government Beautician Course also includes all types of facial, bleach, makeup, hairstyle D tan, Body polishing, Body spa Body massage, etc. This Beautician Course also covers Hair Cuts, Smoothening, colouring, highlight, blow dry, Ironing, Crimping, curls, degree knowledge in haircuts, keratin knowledge head mass age Hair spa etc. In this Beautician Course You will be a perfect Beautician because of Practical Class which gives you Shagun Beauty Academy Beautician Course. In this Professional Advance Beauty parlour Course, you will also learn Waxing, Bleach, Eyebrows, Shaping, machinery facial D tan, Body polishing, Body spa, Body massage, etc. In the Beauty parlour Course in thane and Beauty Parlour Course in Dombivli Course includes Hair Cut, Smoothening, Colouring, Highlight, Blow dry, Ironing, Curls, Crimping, Curls, Degree knowledge, Head Massage, Hair spa, etc.

  Shagun Beauty Academy Beautician Course also covers Bridal Makeup Course, Advance Hairstyle, Skin Knowledge Etc. Selection of Foundation according to skin tone, Skin Knowledge, Different types of eyeshadow application. You can also take makeup order with hairstyle and saree draping which enhance your knowledge to run your parlour as a makeup artist.

  Shagun Beauty Academy also provides you Beast Hairstylist where you learn 30 Types of Hairstyles including Bridal.

The well-known Shagun Beauty Academy also teach you Saree draping Course to enhance your


  Beautician Course

There is lots of Job opportunity in the Beautician Course. You Can do job in a Professional Parlour and saloon as a hairdresser. There are the carrier opportunities which gives you after learning in Government authorized Shagun Beauty Academy.

  Best Beautician Course

  To be a best beautician you should Enrol from the reputed Shagun Beauty Academy where course gives you best Beautician Technique and trained you in Smoothening, different types of facial, machinery knowledge with Advance Skin treatments, Hair knowledge, spa etc.

Skin care-Before starting the Beauty of the skin You will learn How to care and give the proper service to your clients.

Hair Colour and Hair Cut

The course includes full knowledge of Hair colour, root touch up, and different types of hairstyling cuts.

Bridal Makeup- we also cover Bridal makeup in Beautician Course with proper skin knowledge. You can also make different types of Bridal looks like Maharashtrian look, South Indian bride, Gujrati Bridal look, Haldi look etc


In this course we also include 30 types of Hairstyles.

Beauty Course. Beauty parlour course contains a vast range of knowledge and practice of Hair Cutting, pedicure, manicure, Body spa etc.

  This Beauty parlour course also gives the confidence to open your own parlour.

Shagun Beauty Academy is also well-known Beauty Academy in Thane and Dombivli.

Demands of Beautician in the Beauty Parlour

There is lots of job in Beauty Parlour course.

Different types of Beauty Treatments in include in the course

1.Body spa, Body polishing, facial with Galvanic and hi frequency machine

2.Hairstyling According to the occasion

3.Trendy Makeup Knowledge. Full Bridal Makeup Course

4.This Beauty Parlour Course also gives you a well knowledge of Basic and Advance knowledge of to open your own parlour or doing the job in Well-known beauty parlour or saloon.

Government Certified Beautician Course

This is a best beauty parlour course in your town.

Best Beauty Academy in thane

Best Beauty parlour Course in Dombivli

 Beautician Course gives you an opportunity of a best beautician with good earning supporting system. Beauty course enhance your knowledge in Beauty Industry. Many Professional Parlour and saloon give you the opportunity to join them.

Beautician course in Thane

Beautician Course in Dombivli

Start Your Carrier in Beauty industry in right way in your budget also.

Basic to advance beauty parlour course welcome you in Shagun Beauty Academy which is Government Authorized.

Know the Few important information to select The Beauty Academy

1.Make sure that the Academy should be Government Recognized like Shagun beauty Academy

2.The course covers to start your carrier with Full Knowledge of Basic and Advance.

3.Before taking Admission please ensure that how many students are perfect Beautician Who have opened their parlour confidently after completion the course. Parlour opening course means you are satisfied in your work.


4.Academy Should be updated with the all makeup, Hair, and beauty knowledge.